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When you blush....

what a rush....

D Kai Wilson
Mental Illness: People Say I'm Crazy.
11-17 May "015 is Mental Illness Awareness Week. 

This blog is generally cross posted from several of my blogs - there are LJ feeds out there of each of them, which I will list when I can. I also read LJ often, in the mornings (UK time), so feel free to add me, and comment to let me know you have, so that I can return the favor.

I don't demand or expect feedback, but it is, of course, always welcome.

All about me.

I am a creative writing graduate from the University of Gloucestershire. I graduated with a 2:1 in 2011. I now work as a community manager or social media support worker, based in the UK. Writer, mother, editor, poet, photographer, cat lover (and owned by two kittens called Haley and Eiryss. Kushka, the doll I used to share photos of, our F4 Bengal, died February 2013), I've got tonnes of friends, spread all over the world. I love meeting new people, and I'm an avid spokesperson for mental health, albeit a self appointed one.


I live with my two teens, my cats and my beloved other half, and anyone that happens to be visiting. Being Scottish and living slightly further south, I've gone from pale and pasty to an amazing light honey colour with tonnes more freckles. It kills me in the high summer though - I spend a lot of my day in my yard, with my laptop, in the shade. I'm a roleplayer - and play in both WOW and Neverwinter, Heroes of the Storm, along with some other games like Sins of a Solar empire. I also roleplay and LARP occasionally - my favourite systems are hybrids - Innomine crossed with some post apocalyptic stuff I found - Black Monday (my own game), Best friends (by boxninja get it - it's hilarious), WOD (new, though I prefer Old), Agone, A|state, WHRP, Dark Heresy... When not doing that, I'm usually found taking photos, writing, or collecting stupid amounts of pens - I loooves pens.

I run

Author Interrupted; and I have my own websites at By Kai and Books By Kai

I'm also a blogging expert of sorts, though my favourite platform is WordPress - you can see more at Stuff Writers Need


2000ad, 3d graphics, 3d software, a-state, a/state, alexander solzhenitsyn, ancient cultures, ann summers, artwork, astrology, astronomy, auld hoose, a|state, babylon 5, baking, bdsm, beltane, bipolar disorder, boardgames, bondage, books, bryce, call of cthuhlu, call of cthulhu, cats, ceilidhs, celtic, children, classical, clive barker, colinton dell, computers, corsets, cross stitch, css, dirty thoughts, dragon, dragons, dreaming, dreams, e-zines, edgar allen poe, edinburgh, editing, erotic fiction, erotica, family, fantasy, fantasy novels, fetish, folklore, forensics, frank herbert, franz kafka, freelancing, games, gaming, goth, gothic, guitars, guns'n'roses, hogmanay, hp lovecraft, hugs, iain banks, jack london, jrr tolkien, kittens, labyrinth, languages, law and order, learning, learning stuff, libraries, linguistics, literature, ljmaps, lord of the rings, lotr, lovecraft, lyrics, manic depression, mead, mervyn peake, mission, moonlight, more sex, movies, mozilla, music, mythology, neil gaiman, neverwinter nights, opium, paganism, painting, parenting, pentlands, philip k dick, photography, poetry, poly, poser, programming, prose, psychology, raymond chandler, reading, rem, rock, role-playing, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rosslyn chapel, rpg, rpgs, sci-fi, science, science fiction, science-fiction, scotland, sex, sexy stories, singing, snow, software development, special victims unit, spirit-tome, tattoos, terry pratchett, travis, vampires, viggo mortensen, webdesign, writing


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